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We guarantee an excellent job and ensure the cleanliness of your air conditioning ducts, eliminating dirt, bacteria that allows you to breathe better.

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Routine maintenance

Experience Quality Air Conditioning Service in Tampa FL

The process of cleaning air ducts is essential to ensure the quality of the air we breathe. Our specialists develop customized air purification and treatment plans, which have restorative applications or standalone applications. If not treated properly, these pollutants become part of the air we breathe because they are pushed through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. In addition, airborne contaminants can accumulate inside the ducts, creating an ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria, fungi and other microbes. Air duct cleaning is essential for commercial and residential buildings, since ductwork carries the air (and possibly mold or other pollutants) we breathe! Air purification processes have several benefits, and are an important part of the recovery services provided by JEAN'S PRO Services, as well as being a proactive solution to indoor air quality considerations.


Deodorizing air handler & ductwork /Sanitize 99.9% eliminates batteries, molds and bad odors.

Dryer cleaning

Allows better operation of the equipment (dryer) and prevents fire.
We recommend doing it every year.

System Installation

We replace, improve and install your air conditioning unit.

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He was amazing!!! We were in an emergency situation and he responded right away. He was very kind and informative. I will not go to anyone else for this service! I will be recommending to anyone I know!  (thumbtack)

Brett M

First, demonstrated high professionalism and knowledge around what the customer needs are. Tremendous value when compared to other. Made sure the quality was to customer expectations. Highly recommended... (thumbtack)

Dorian M.

Jean responded immediately to our clogged dryer, said what time he would be there (he arrived 22 minutes early) went right to work, fixed the problem, vacuumed the whole area, and left. Job done, well done by the way and everything is fine. Highly recommend this nice clean-cut gentleman for his services, he takes pride in his work and his work is superb!  (thumbtack)

Pat F

Jean and his company did an amazing job. They were punctual and responsive. And the turnaround for an appointment was really quick. We are customers for life!  (thumbtack)

Mary F.

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We are a business that offers quality services where many satisfied customers support us by leaving comments on the good performance of Jean's Pro Services professionals. We work with human capital, equipment and top quality products. Our team of workers is qualified to provide security, knowledge and also have the ability to identify problems quickly in order to find the appropriate solutions.


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